Angry Video Game Nerd Anime: Part 2 (feat. Nostalgia Critic, Pat Contri & MatPat)

On November 28 we released the second installment of the Angry Video Game Nerd Anime. It was released on the official Cinemassacre Youtube Channel and on our channel later including an exclusive ending.

You can check the video out right below:

Planned for a release on September we noticed during the process that the animation needs to be improved from scratch in order to have more dynamic action. All frames needed to be redrawn frame by frame. We worked through many nights until the animation was completed.

As a sequel of the First Angry Video Game Nerd Anime we experience the full battle against Nostalgia Critic and who the true villain is.

Until now we didn't see any reaction from MatPat. Will he ever know that he is part of an epic anime movie?

There are also some nice cameos:

Did you recognize Lynn Chambers and Malcolm Ray?

And of course we see Pat the NES Punk again, who was already introduced in the teaser for the second episode.

After the release we were so happy to read the comments on Youtube. Compared to other videos on Cinemassacre Animated, our videos dominate in the number of comments.

Here are a few quotes of our favorites:
Tamara Lynn Chambers 
Wait....I LOVE THIS. I don’t think I’ve ever been and mated before XD
I legit would watch this anime...
Pat the NES Punk
I like the manga better
This video is fucking sick (In a good way) AVGN Anime will make great full episodes.
Zeb Shrader
I love how the power glove changes hands from one episode to the next. It's like a real 80's anime lol

Our next video will be released on December 13, this is something very different. Keep your eyes open!

Closing the year 2017 we are already planing our next projects. There are already some nice surprises in the makings!!!

What do you guess will be released next? What are your opinions about the Angry Video Game Nerd anime?

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