Pokémon Go Anime Opening - our first viral video!

When the Pokémon Go hype started people all over the world went crazy. We both also installed the game on our phones as soon as it was available in Germany. So we decided to create an anime opening based on the game.

On August 18, we released our Pokémon Go Anime opening:

To be honest we didn't expect much from this video, because it was done in just a few days. And on our Youtube channel it just hit 5000 views. 

Compared to our short Splatoon animation that passed 60.000 views on Youtube. 

But there was one Facebook page, that uploaded it as a Facebook video and reached more than 300.000 views! Our new record!!

And we love to read all kind of feedback and comments we received:

As you already noticed we got a bit silent in the past few weeks. It's because we were planning and already working on our upcoming projects as well as thinking how to communicate with you. 

The fastest way to get our attention is to follow us on Twitter and Tweet @channynkimberly!

This blog is still under contruction but here we will write about all milestones and news in detail. We will post at least once a month to keep you updated. 

There will be cool stuff coming very soon, keep your eyes open :-)

Bonne nuit & see you soon!

Channy & Kimberly


  1. While not quite as amazing as seeing somebody still using Blogger besides myself, you're doing a fantastic job with these openings. That Nintendo Switch video you recently added to Newgrounds was especially magnificent. While I'm sure you've heard and read this plenty of times before, I still want to thank you very much for the beautiful animations.


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