Blog Resurrection!!

Dear friends,

we feel so sorry for disregarding our blog for the past months. But as you can see we have a new look!

It will come back very soon and we will write more about the toughts behind our videos and also where our videos are posted.

You might already know that our next video will be released, soon.

It's the second snippet of the official secret VHS tape of the Angry Video Game Nerd Anime.

You can watch the teaser right here:

AVGN Anime Snip Vol. 2 (Official Trailer)

We introduced Pat the NES Punk as a new character in the anime. What is his role in the movie? And what will the next snippet reveal? There are many reasons to be excited about!

We also uploaded the two music tracks of the uploaded videos. You can check these out:

AVGN Anime Soundtrack TRACK 01

AVGN Anime Soundtrack TRACK 02

We hope you enjoy the music playlist which is getting bigger and bigger. Feel free to contact us anytime. The best way is to comment on Twitter: 

Have a good night!